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Almost Made it....

Last week I was interviewed by my university's student newspaper, the Falcon, for a student spotlight.  At the last minute before printing, I received an email from the writer telling me that the story had been cut.  I'm hoping it got cut because of space constraints and that it will appear next week because I want my explanation of why I wear ears and a tail to be known to those who don't bother to ask me why, to those who try to ignore me.  Plus, it would have forced people to accept that a furry was going to their university.

At least the writer is giving me a copy of the audio recording she took of the interview. ^^

I may just have to rally the campus squirrels and lead a revolution to disrupt normalcy, though it would be easily distracted...
*Direlda bounds after a falling leaf ^^;

Direlda, The Fox of the North