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Vacationing and Faux Fur

I'm going on vacation for a few weeks, so don't expect to see me around online for a while (not that I have been posting much here...).  Finally I get to go to Japan! \^o^/

In other news, I picked up and then shipped several yards of faux fur today.  When the slow boat from Korea to America delivers it in 1-3 months, I'll post pictures (as I didn't have my camera with me between the picking up and the shipping).  And I'll tell you more about the fur then, too.  Suffice to say, I'm that much closer to making a fursuit! ^^

Dongdaemun Crafts Market

The other day I went to Dongdaemun to check out an exhibit on the Seoul city wall (which I had recently hiked).  The exhibit was interesting, but I would have learned more if I knew more Korean.

Since I didn't feel like returning home after so short a jaunt into Seoul, I decided to check out the Dongdaemun Crafts Market.  I wish I had gone there sooner!  The amount of craft supplies they have there is absolutely fantastic!  Pretty much all of what I saw relates to textiles or clothing projects.  Vendors beyond vendors.

And the best part was that I found several vendors selling faux fur.  So I will be returning to Dongdaemun at least two more times--one to check quality and price and take pictures/videos and the other(s) to buy.  So expect to hear back from me on what I find!

Using LJ

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to use LJ to chronicle any costume or fursuit making that I will be doing.  The main reason why I haven't just ditched LJ in favor of my website running Wordpress is because I still want to be able to ask questions in the fursuiting groups on LJ.

Therefore, I probably won't be doing much posting here for a while, since I am in Korea and unable to make anything.  But if I do get anything costume/fursuit related, I will talk about it in depth here and only here.

I am doing this mainly because I don't want to double post what I have to say on multiple websites that serve similar purposes.  So if you want to follow along with my life, please visit www.direlda.net, and if you are interested in costuming/fursuiting, then by all means pay attention to me here.

See you when I have a costuming/fursuiting project!

A Return, of Sorts

So it has been a while, hasn't it... ^.^;  Life caught up with me and now I find myself returning here after a long absence.  In the space between I graduated from university with a B.A. in English: Creative Writing and a minor in Linguistics, I earned a TESOL certificate through an institution dedicated to that purpose, I got married  ^.^ , I got a job teaching English in South Korea, and I managed to succeed in writing a novel for NaNoWriMo 2011.  I suppose I could say more about all of this, and I probably will at some point, but at the moment I'm just dropping in to say that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet.

If you want a more "current" assessment, head over to my den, which is where I have been focusing most of my internet presence.  My hope is that next year I will resume being active on several sites that I have been dormant on, such as here, and better map out what information will be presented where.


Still busy...

So I'm still rather busy with school... go figure.  I would say more, but all of my words are being taken up by the papers I have to write.  So blessings all!  I'll catch you on the other side...

Direlda's Further Confusion Adventures ^^

The clock in my modern fiction class ticked away the minutes behind me while The Wolf told us about alienation and covering in Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms.  I was hoping we would get a chance to talk about the passage on pg 303, where Henry and Catherine briefly think on what it would be like to have a fox’s brush.  My brush hung off the side of the chair-desk.  The minutes flowed on and class ended without a discussion of fox brushes.  Noticing the time, I gathered my bags and became a fox on the run, stopping only for a crosswalk signal, and bounded onto the bus.  No one wanted to know my name because I didn’t look the same as all of them and because people try not to sit next to strangers when there are empty seats on public transportation.  Then again, I am the Liminal Mr. Fox and this separateness comes with the territory.


I left the bus at the first of the downtown transit tunnel stops and bought a light rail ticket.  If I had thought ahead and gotten my paws on the One Card, I would have saved a couple dollars on fare, but shikata ga nai.  The light rail to the airport whisked me on my way and people must have thought my tail needed extra space.  There was no need for me to surrender my bags to the underbelly of the plane, so the only line that proved a bother was the security line.  While waiting to have my identity confirmed, I finished off a drink of water in my water bottle.  It proved a nuisance to be put back in, but the woman waiting behind me lent a hand.  Some Buddhist monks also passed by and I wanted to quote Daito at them: “‘Delusion,’ ‘enlightenment’ – these are just fox words that have been fooling Zen monks everywhere,” but I didn’t know if they were Zen Buddhists or not, so I stayed silent.  The scanning that followed hurt – I had to remove my brush and ears (yipe!).



Read more, if you dare...Collapse )


FurtherConfusion 2010

I'm going to FC 2010!  *throws paws into the air* Woot!

Anyways...  Just thought I'd share that.

Almost Made it....

Last week I was interviewed by my university's student newspaper, the Falcon, for a student spotlight.  At the last minute before printing, I received an email from the writer telling me that the story had been cut.  I'm hoping it got cut because of space constraints and that it will appear next week because I want my explanation of why I wear ears and a tail to be known to those who don't bother to ask me why, to those who try to ignore me.  Plus, it would have forced people to accept that a furry was going to their university.

At least the writer is giving me a copy of the audio recording she took of the interview. ^^

I may just have to rally the campus squirrels and lead a revolution to disrupt normalcy, though it would be easily distracted...
*Direlda bounds after a falling leaf ^^;

Direlda, The Fox of the North

Err... Now I have one of these

So this is just a basic hello world type of thing.  As in I suddenly find myself with an account here and not realizing that would happen until today.  So yeah...  Really, I'm much more thoughtful (but just as random) than this may show...

I do more when I'm not recovering from an almost all-nighter... yay college!

Direlda, The Fox of the North